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Pathway to Paradise Ministries offers seminars designed for community outreach, local churches, and Christian schools. Seminars range in length from one-day church revival meetings to multi-week community evangelism campaigns.

Living in the Final Week

Living in the Final Week is a Bible study experience that unlocks the key to Revelation’s mysterious prophecies about Earth’s last great conflict. Discover how all of history is summarized in Jesus Christ’s life, and how the events of His final week were in fact prophecies of the last great battle between good and evil. In this series, you will see that we are living today in the “final week” of time, and that God is calling you to walk with Jesus today!

The Shadow of His Wings

Over 3,000 years ago, God gave His people a blueprint revealing the mysteries of salvation. Today, the sanctuary message retains its potency and power. What does the ark of the covenant reveal about Satan’s final deceptions, the order of events in the second coming, and how to experience righteousness by faith? Drawing on lessons from the heart of Scripture, The Shadow of His Wings takes a fascinating and compelling look at the sanctuary message for today.

Is the Reformation Finished?

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the “official” start of the Protestant Reformation, and the world’s attention today is riveted on the reunification of Christianity. Is the Reformation Finished? is a timely and powerful seminar that draws on historical, religious, and prophetic sources to explore the origins of the Reformation. This dynamic seminar concludes with a survey of the world’s current political and religious landscape and a study on Revelation 13 and the mark of the beast.

Unlocking the Word

Discover the P's of Bible study and unlock the treasure house of God's Word for yourself! Have you ever felt overwhelmed by, or simply disinterested in, studying the Bible? Learn the Bible's own secrets to understanding its stories, prophecies, parables, and lessons for yourself. Unlocking the Word is designed to help you learn, practice, and implement practical and easily-remembered principles for effective and life-changing Bible study.

Fire From Heaven Seminar

Fire From Heaven

Disasters of every kind are rapidly increasing in our world today. Are these simply indications of a world in decay, or do they reveal the judgments of an angry God? How does God respond to sin? Is His judgment something to be feared, or can we actually find joy in God’s judgment? Fire From Heaven is a four-episode video series accompanied by group discussion guides and presentation slides. Study together and share the joy of God’s judgment with your family, friends, co-workers, and church!

Fire From Heaven Seminar