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Divided We Stand

Revelation 18 predicts an end-time "explosion" of spiritual power and light as a heavenly messenger calls people to separate from the world and unite with Jesus Christ. But this call of separation from a world of sin is not the only time God has used the principle of division. Join author Tim Rumsey on a journey through Creation week to see how Earth's first seven days parallel the history, mission, message, and prophetic destiny of Revelation's remnant church. It's a journey that follows God's divine principle of division. This principle was first demonstrated at Creation, and God is using it again today as He divides people from a world trapped in sin, so that they might be united with Him. Available in paperback and ePUB formats.

Divided We Stand (Paperback)
Divided We Stand (ePUB)

NEW! Daily Bible Study Podcast

Beginning December 29, join Dr. Tim Rumsey and Pastor David Salazar in this daily 15 minute Bible study based on the current Seventh-day Adventist Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide. Each daily podcast explores the day's topic from a Biblically faithful standpoint, with insights added from the Spirit of Prophecy. Weekly study notes and teacher helps will also be made available.


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