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Revelation for Kids

Can children understand the book of Revelation? Discover "Revelation for Kids," a great website designed to help children find the love of Jesus in the book of Revelation. Join host Tim Rumsey and "Revelation for Kids" creator Shama Stock in this episode of "Pictures of the End."

"Pictures of the End" is a fresh new radio show and podcast produced by Pathway to Paradise Ministries. Join host Tim Rumsey each week and discover what the Bible says about our world today. Each episode explores a "picture" of today's world through the lens of Bible prophecy, history, and current events. Join Dr. Rumsey and guests each week to learn what the Bible really teaches about the religious, political, natural, and social forces at work in our world. The truth may surprise you! Listen online, via podcast, or on the airwaves!

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The "Fire From Heaven" DVD contains videos and additional study resources and will enable you to study alone, in small groups, or with your entire church.  Included on this DVD:

  • Four 30-minute high-definition video episodes of "Fire From Heaven"
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Fire From Heaven (DVD)

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