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The Shadow of His Wings

More than 3,000 years ago, God gave His people a blueprint revealing the mysteries of salvation. Today, the sanctuary message retains its potency and power. "The Shadow of His Wings" takes a fascinating and compelling look at the sanctuary message for today. Topics include the hidden relationship between the garden of Eden and the Garden of Gethsemane, the nature of sin, the new birth experience, how Jesus lived by faith, the mystery of God, and the connection between the most holy place and the second coming of Jesus Christ. Discover the promise of Christ's righteousness for you! Join host Tim Rumsey for this ten-episode series.

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"Pictures of the End" is a fresh new radio show and podcast produced by Pathway to Paradise Ministries. Join host Tim Rumsey each week and discover what the Bible says about our world today. Each episode explores a "picture" of today's world through the lens of Bible prophecy, history, and current events. Join Dr. Rumsey and guests each week to learn what the Bible really teaches about the religious, political, natural, and social forces at work in our world. The truth may surprise you! Listen online, via podcast, or on the airwaves!

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Revelation’s seven trumpets describe tremendous events in heaven and on earth that culminate in Jesus Christ’s second coming. These mysterious trumpets have intrigued, confused, and even frightened students of Bible prophecy for centuries. Yet there is tremendous good news hidden within the messages of these seven trumpets! Revelation’s Seven Trumpets takes a close look at the seven trumpets and reveals Jesus Christ at the center of these prophecies. Discover the good news about the seven trumpets as host Tim Rumsey and special guest David Salazar dive deep into Bible prophecy and uncover a message of hope and peace in the heart of Revelation. This product contains seven audio episodes on four CDs.


  1. Angel at the Altar (28:30)
  2. Voices in Heaven (28:30)
  3. Seven Trumpets and the Fall of Jericho (28:30)
  4. The Seventh Trumpet (28:30)
  5. Woe to the Earth (28:30)
  6. The Kingdom of Christ (28:30)
  7. The Testimony of Jesus Christ (28:30)

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Revelation's Seven Trumpets (CD)

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