Pathway to Paradise Ministries is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that provides training and resources in the areas of family, health, and the Bible.  Your generous donation will enable us to continue spreading the Bible's message for today. 

Our Current Needs

  • Volunteer(s) to edit and proof-read transcript of weekly 30-minute radio broadcast.  Please contact us for more information.
  • Volunteers to translate Is the Reformation Finished? into as many languages as possible.  Please contact us for more information.
  • NEED MET!  THANK YOU!  $25.00 per month for online podcast hosting and distribution, as well as 24/7 internet radio streaming.
  • NEED MET!  THANK YOU!  $1,500.00 for initial printing of Is the Reformation Finished? Your donation will enable us to subsidize orders of this book, and, in many situations, give it away for free.
  • NEED MET!  THANK YOU!  $10,000.00 for life-size replica of the ark of the covenant.  This visually stunning replica will include a custom-built wooden ark, removable mercy-seat cover, and two custom-sculpted cherubim mounted on the top.  Everything will be faux-painted in gold leaf to resemble the original hammered gold.  Also included in the replica will be two stone slabs with the 10 commandments engraved on both sides and the multi-colored curtain with engraved cherubim that hung in front of the Most Holy Place.  This unique work of art will be used as an educational tool and evangelistic aid to present the very important sanctuary truths for this time.  It will be an integral part of SHINE, our annual family camp-meeting beginning this summer.

You can support Pathway to Paradise Ministries by shopping through Amazon Smile.  Simply search for and select Pathway to Paradise Ministries on the Amazon Smile website, and .05% of your Amazon purchase will be donated to Pathway to Paradise Ministries.

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