The Shadow of His Wings (CD)


Over 3,000 years ago, God gave a blueprint explaining the mysteries of salvation. This ancient prophecy, wrapped in symbols, reveals the pathway to God's throne, and to eternal life. Today, the sanctuary message retains its potency, its power, and its promise of eternal life. Experience the power of Christ's righteousness for you, and rest under the shadow of His wings. This CD set contains ten one-hour presentations by Tim Rumsey.

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Also Available

  • Bible study guides (SOHW-SGC) accompanying each presentation. These are perfect for individual and group study and discussion.
  • DVD sets (SOHW-DVD) of all ten full presentations.
  • CD sets (SOHW-POECD) of all ten presentations as broadcast on "Pictures of the End." Each episode is 28:30 in duration. Purchase of this product includes a re-broadcast license.


  1. In the Garden
  2. The Covering
  3. The Mystery of Iniquity
  4. You Must Be Born Again
  5. The Word Became Flesh
  6. The Last Six Hours
  7. Priests and Prophets
  8. The Mystery of God
  9. The Faith of Christ
  10. We Shall Behold Him

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