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Join Dr. Tim Rumsey and Pastor David Salazar in this daily 15 minute Bible study based on the current Seventh-day Adventist Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide. Each daily podcast explores the day's topic from a Biblically faithful standpoint, with insights added from the Spirit of Prophecy. 

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"DEEPER is a daily 15-minute Bible study podcast based on the current Adult Sabbath School lessons. Learn more, sign up, and download weekly teacher helps at"

Study Notes and Teacher Helps

The Book of Revelation (2019, 1st Quarter)

Judgment on Babylon (2019, Quarter 1, Lesson 12)
Download as PDF  Sabbath (March 16): The Counterfeit Atonement God’s atonement for sin through the life, death, and resurrection of...
The Seven Last Plagues (2019, Quarter 1, Lesson 11)
Download as PDF  Sabbath (March 9) The seven last plagues occur after the close of probation, for they fall on...
God's Everlasting Gospel (2019, Quarter 1, Lesson 10)
Download as PDF    Study guides and teacher notes for the Adult Sabbath School Lesson. Sabbath (March 2) The three...
Satan and His Allies (2019, Quarter 1, Lesson 9)
Download as PDF    Sabbath (February 23) Revelation 12 and 13 predict an end-time alliance between three evil powers: the...
Satan, A Defeated Enemy (2019, Quarter 1, Lesson 8)
Download as PDF Sabbath (February 16) Revelation 12 is perhaps the Bible’s most comprehensive chapter in its breadth and scope....
Download as PDF  Sabbath (February 9): The Seven Trumpets In Revelation 8:7-13 the first four trumpets are sounded. The long-held...
Download as PDF    Sabbath (February 2): Revelation’s Interludes Revelation 7 forms an interlude between the sixth and seventh seals. In...
Download as PDF   Sabbath (January 26): The Seven Seals The seven seals is the second major line of prophecy in...
Download as PDF  Sabbath (January 19) In Revelation 4, John sees the heavenly throne room, from where God exercises His...
Download as PDF  Sabbath (January 12) One of the major themes in the letters to the seven churches is Christ’s...
Download as PDF Sabbath: Among the Lampstands Ever since sin entered this earth, God’s character has been continually misrepresented by...
Sabbath: The Gospel From Patmos “In the Revelation all the boks of the Bible meet and end,” and in a...

"Study to show thyself approved unto God..." (2 Timothy 2:15).

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