The Book of Daniel (Group Study and Discussion Guide)


This study guide on the book of Daniel provides guided lesson studies designed especially for group study and discussion. Scholars and laypeople will appreciate the clear language and focused study found in each lesson. Discover where we are today in the Bible’s great prophetic timeline, and find the gospel’s good news hidden in this often misunderstood and sometimes avoided book of the Bible.

Study your Bible more deeply with the DEEPER Bible Study Guide Series. The books in this series contain a series of lessons that provide a comprehensive and in-depth survey of the subject being studied. Written in easy-to-understand language, each lesson contains study notes and discussion questions, and added insights from the Spirit of Prophecy. The DEEPER Bible Study Guide Series will enrich personal study, facilitate small group discussions, and guide larger groups into an informative and transformative study of God’s Word. 

Product Features:

  • Comprehensive group study and discussion questions on the book of Daniel
  • Additional insights from the Spirit of Prophecy
  • 122 pages

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