Earth's Approaching Crisis (Bulk DVD)


In the space of a few short months, life on earth has changed dramatically. Many are wondering if we have entered into the Bible’s predicted “time of trouble such as never was” (Daniel 12:1). What does Bible prophecy say will happen next, and how can you be prepared to survive?  This sharing DVD includes three one-hour presentations with vital information for you and your family. Topics include Matthew 24 and the signs of Christ’s return, Revelation 14 and end-time spiritual Babylon, and Revelation 13 and the mark of the beast.

Session Titles:

  • Session 1. "A Planet in Chaos"
  • Session 2. "The Rise of Babylon"
  • Session 3. "Marked or Sealed?"

Product Features:

  • Easily share the everlasting gospel and the Three Angels' Messages!
  • Compact series with three presentations makes watching easy.
  • Packaged in a paper sleeve.
  • Available in bulk pricing.

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Tipo: CDs and DVDs

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