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The Shadow of His Wings

Over 3,000 years ago, God gave a blueprint explaining the mysteries of salvation. This ancient prophecy, wrapped in symbols, reveals the pathway to God's throne, and to eternal life. Today, the sanctuary message retains its potency, its power, and its promise of eternal life. Experience the power of Christ's righteousness for you, and rest under the shadow of His wings.

La sombra de Sus alas

Hace más de 3.000 años, Dios dio un plano que revela los misterios de la salvación. Hoy, el mensaje del santuario conserva su potencia y poder. "La sombra de Sus alas" es un video de diez partes, un DVD, un CD y una serie de guías de estudio de la Biblia que revela la promesa de la justicia de Cristo para ti. Los temas incluyen la relación oculta entre el Jardín del Edén y el Jardín de Getsemaní, el origen del pecado y el Lugar Santísimo, la experiencia del nuevo nacimiento y las tres cortinas del santuario, y la conexión entre el Lugar Santísimo y la secuencia de eventos en ¡La segunda venida de Cristo!

Is the Reformation Finished?

Is the Protestant Reformation finished? Was it simply a passing "family feud" within Christianity, an insignificant historical footnote with little relevance to modern life? This series clearly, simply, and Biblically explains the history of the Protestant Reformation and shows that the primary issue behind the Reformation—the question of spiritual authority—matters more today than it did 500 years ago.

Revelation's Seven Trumpets

Revelation’s Seven Trumpets takes a close look at the seven trumpets and reveals Jesus Christ at the center of these prophecies. Discover the good news about the seven trumpets as host Tim Rumsey and special guest David Salazar dive deep into Bible prophecy and uncover a message of hope and peace in the heart of Revelation.

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