Upcoming Events

Steve Wohlberg

Guest Speaker

July 27-30, 2022

Lake of the Ozarks Camp Meeting

We are excited to announce the Lake of the Ozarks Camp Meeting on July 27-30, 2022. This three-day event will take place at our ministry headquarters and will be co-hosted by the Lake of the Ozarks SDA Church. Registration for camping, RV sites, and meals will open on April 10.

February 25-26, 2022

Dr. Norman McNulty


Living in the Judgment Hour. Join us for a power-packed Bible prophecy and end-time events seminar presented by Dr. Norman McNulty. 

Friday, 7:00 PM. Remnant But Laodicean

Sabbath 11:00 AM. Sleeping at Midnight

Sabbath 2:00 PM. The Hour of HIs Judgment Has Come

Sabbath 3:30 PM. The Great Controversy Unmasked

Due to an internet service failure this weekend, these meetings will be recorded and posted later, rather than live streamed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

February 11-12, 2022

Joshua White

Director, A Thinking Generation Ministries

Do you have questions about your child’s education? Are you homeschooling and want to make sure they get the best education possible? Do you want ot prepare your child for earth’s final events? Do you want to educate your child for eternity? You won’t want to miss this inspirational and information-packed seminar, focused on answering your most pressing questions.

Friday, 7:00 PM. Daniel Chapter Zero

Sabbath 9:00 AM. The Battle for the Mind

Sabbath 11:00 AM. Educating Royalty

Sabbath 2:30 PM. God’s Schedule for Education.

Sabbath 4:30 PM. Our Greatest Witness

Sabbath 5:30 PM. Q&A

Live stream at Youtube.com/aThinkingGenerationMinistries

January 21-22, 2022

Daniel Miranda

Associate Speaker, Secrets Unsealed

Daniel Miranda, Associate Speaker with Secrets Unsealed, will be speaking about righteousness by faith at Lake of the Ozarks SDA Church on January 21-22. Meetings will be Friday night at 7:00 PM, and Sabbath at 11:00 AM, 2:30 PM, and 4:00 PM. The address is 2197 State Route 73, Macks Creek, MO, 65786.