SHINE Frequently Asked Questions

How is SHINE different from other family summer camps?
SHINE has been designed specifically as a family spiritual retreat, with an emphasis on inspiring parents and children to be more effective disciples of Christ. While recreation and “free times” are scheduled into the program, the primary emphasis will be on activities that provide spiritual enrichment and prepare the children to share their faith.

How is SHINE different from other camp meetings?

Most camp meetings provide separate adult and children’s meetings. SHINE has been structured to allow the entire family to participate, learn, and grow together during activities and meetings.

Can I drop my children off at SHINE during the day?

SHINE has been carefully and prayerfully designed with the entire family in mind. Every child participating will need to be accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian experiencing the week with them.

Who is responsible for my children during SHINE?

Except for a few designated times, children and parents will be participating together in meetings, activities, meals, and recreation. You will be responsible for your child’s supervision during all these times. During the few times that children will be separated from parents, we will ensure that adequate supervision is provided.

Can grandparents or other extended family members attend SHINE with my family?

Yes! Please be aware, however, that only one dorm room can be reserved per registered family. Additional family members requiring their own dorm room must register separately for SHINE.

What should we bring to SHINE?

In addition to the regular items and personal effects necessary for any trip, your family will want to bring clothes and simple toys for recreation (such as Frisbees, etc.).

What should we leave at home?

SHINE is a spiritual retreat with a focus on drawing nearer to God. Please do not bring any reading materials, electronic devices, games, or other items that would be a distraction for you or your children.

What lodging options are available for my family?

A limited number of dorm rooms are available on campus. Other options include area motels and RV parks.

What is the housing like at Fletcher Academy?

Dorm room suites with a shared restroom are available at Fletcher Academy. Families will need to be prepared to share the restroom with another family.

Can my family bring a motor home, RV, or trailer?

Fletcher Academy does not have hookups for motor homes, RVs, or trailers. However, there are several RV parks within about 15 minutes of Fletcher Academy.

What kind of food will be provided?

Delicious! SHINE will provide three vegan meals per day for all participants who have purchased meals.

What if my family has special dietary needs?

Please let us know if your family has special dietary restrictions or requirements, such as gluten-free food,  While we cannot guarantee accommodation in every case, we will do our best to meet those needs.

We are considering flying to SHINE. What are the nearest airports to Fletcher Academy?

The Asheville Regional Airport is within 20 minutes of Fletcher. The Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport is about one and a half hours away. The Charlotte Douglass International Airport is about two and a half hours away.

What is the daily schedule like?

Each day will begin with time for private family exercise and worship, followed by morning meetings and activities. The afternoons will contain a mix of free time, recreation, and special activities. An evening program will conclude each day’s activities. Please note that all families will be requested to help clean up after meals on a rotating schedule.