God Provided a Church During the Lockdown!

Now we need your help.

Be Part of the Miracle!

Pathway to Paradise Ministries has moved! God has miraculously led Pathway to Paradise Ministries to a building that will serve as our new headquarters. This building now provides the space we need to operate this ministry; record, edit, and produce Bible-based present-truth messages; hold live revival and evangelistic meetings; reach out to our local community; and develop new projects. We recently raised our half of a $150,000 matching pledge to help us finish this project.

We are now raising $20,000 to complete the construction of our video recording studio. Your donation today will help us finish the sets, install sound treatment on the walls, and place professional lighting in the studio. Thank you for your help!

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Pathway to Paradise Ministries

PO Box 36

Macks Creek, MO 65786

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(855) 447-8788

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See the Progress!

On June 17-30, 2020, several dozen volunteers did some tremendous work on the Pathway to Paradise Ministries headquarters. We removed many old walls, framed new ones, replaced windows in the sanctuary, put in new exterior lights and posts under the eaves, and re-wired and re-plumbed the basement. Thank you to all who participated! See some pictures below of the progress that was made.

Cleaning up around the well.

Taking apart the old floor.

Don't try this at home!
Framing complete for the small studio and control room.

A new window and door for the downstairs offices.

Clearing trees on the property.

New flower beds!

Framing the upstairs offices.
What a great work crew!

New posts on under the eaves and windows in the sanctuary.

The fireman is on his way!
Re-wiring the electric panels.

There is a lot more light in the sanctuary with the new windows.

Biscuits and gravy for breakfast.
Eating lunch on Day 1. The food is excellent!

Getting rid of partitions and trash.

The new kitchen is almost finished.
Installing new windows in the sanctuary!
This isn't as fun as it looks!
Notching new posts for the eaves.
The radio recording booth and the editing room will be here, surrounded by three concrete walls!

New sidewalks are being poured! Concrete never looked so good.

Future home of our new video recording studio.

Getting dirty ripping out the basement walls!

L to R: James Rumsey, Tim Rumsey, David Salazar.

New walls are up in the kitchen and basement bathrooms.