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Finding Joy in the Judgment

Fire From Heaven

Disasters of every kind are rapidly increasing in our world today. Are these simply indications of a world in decay, or do they reveal the judgments of an angry God? How does God respond to sin? Is His judgment something to be feared, or can we actually find joy in God’s judgment? Join host Tim Rumsey in “Fire From Heaven,” a four-episode video series that explores the good news of God’s judgment.

Discover the Seven Steps of God’s Judgment!

God has always followed the same seven-step sequence in His response to sin. Discover this pattern as it is revealed in the stories of Genesis, track it through history and see it played out in the life of Christ. Finally, follow the seven steps in Revelation as God’s final end-time judgment is revealed in prophecy, and understand where we are today in the judgment sequence.


1. The Principles of Judgment

2. Daniel's 70 Weeks and the Messiah

3. The Bible's Longest Time Prophecy

4. Revelation and God's End-Time Judgment

"Fire From Heaven" is available as a one- or two-day seminar.

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