Powerful Evangelism Tools

SabbathRest™ is a suite of powerful evangelism tools designed to help you connect with people in your community while sharing the beauty and urgency of the Sabbath truth.

Lead people in your community to your doorstep, and provide them with timely, Biblical, Christ-centered answers to their questions. Join the growing team of SabbathRest™ partners today!

The Book of Daniel

This new sermon series on the book of Daniel reveals the message from this ancient book for our world today. See how current and future world events are predicted through types and prophecies, and what our response to these events should be. New sermons will be added weekly.


Bible Study Resources


Evangelistic, weekend, and revival seminars for your local church.

Sharing Materials

Share the everlasting gospel and the Three Angels' Messages in this full-color, 20-page booklet. Mail this booklet to every address in your ZIP code and receive a tax-deductible donation receipt. Bulk discounts are also available.

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