Startling Prophecies for America (DVD - Retail)


“Startling Prophecies for America” is an eye-opening, straight-forward, well-researched and easy-to-understand series of talks (with stunning graphics) explaining the prophecy of Revelation 13 about a leopard-like “beast” (verses 1-10), a lamb-like “beast” (verse 11), and how both beasts cooperate together to enforce the mark of the beast (verses 12-16) during earth’s final crisis. Pastor Wohlberg is an expert on explaining Revelation 13, and he builds a solid case that America is, and will soon, play a major role in the enforcement of Satan’s mark. Highly recommended! Great for sharing.

Program titles:

  • Antichrist Prophecies
  • America’s Role in Prophecy
  • America and the Mark of the Beast
  • BONUS program: Israel, Babylon and Armageddon

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Type: CDs and DVDs

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