Praying Through the Sanctuary (BOOK)


A good teacher uses symbols, illustrations, and stories to make the point, and to help the lesson stick. God is a good Teacher—the best, in fact—and the Bible identifies the sanctuary as God’s grand object lesson of salvation. Every detail of this amazing structure reveals some important aspect of God’s perfect plan of salvation. Its layout, construction, furniture, and services all illustrate in vivid and sensory ways the invisible yet ultimately real working of God in human history, and on the individual human heart.

This book focuses on the sanctuary as a divinely-inspired model of prayer. A cycle of four recurring prayers—for yourself, your family, your church, and your community—forms a thirty-day journey beginning at the sanctuary’s outer gate and finishing in the Most Holy Place. You will find fresh inspiration and motivation for prayer as you pray through the sanctuary, seeking God’s blessings and claiming His promises. Enjoy the journey!

Product Features:

  • Paperback
  • 82 pages

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