Divided We Stand (Presentation Slides)


Revelation 18 predicts an end-time "explosion" of spiritual power and light as a heavenly messenger calls people to separate from the world and unite with Jesus Christ. But this call of separation from a world of sin is not the only time God has used the principle of division. Earth's first seven days parallel the history, mission, message, and prophetic destiny of Revelation's remnant church, and these first seven days reveal God's use of the principle of division. God is using this principle of division again today as He divides people from a world trapped in sin, so that they might be united with Him. This product contains presentation for group study and discussion in PowerPoint, Keynote, and JPEG formats.

Product Features:

  • Facilitate group study and discussion
  • In PowerPoint, Keynote, and JPEG formats
  • Book and study guides also available

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Type: Bible Study Guides

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